Panera 2.0 announced, using lilitab iPad kiosks

Panera Fast Lane iPad KioskLast week Panera announced their Panera 2.0 initiative which uses our lilitab Counter iPad Kiosk with our Verifone payment module to speed customer orders in-store (Panera calls them their Fast Lane kiosks). Customer can also place an order using the Panera app on their phone or via more traditional methods.

With their new approach to building a unified infrastructure for managing online, phone, fax, in-person and catering orders they expect to grow their throughput significantly within the same store footprints. That's a huge leg up for a fast casual dining chain.

We're excited to be a part of their initiative and from our own experiences using lilitab's to order at Panera it greatly streamlined the order process.

Here's a few articles that were published in the last week about it:

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