Top 5 Reasons to deploy a Tablet Kiosk

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Top 5 Reasons to deploy a Tablet Kiosk

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The widespread adoption of tablet computers has changed the way consumers engage with companies in every type of business. No longer passively waiting for product information from employees, consumers have taken back control of their own purchase and service research using smartphones with constant internet access.

Tablet kiosks are a natural extension of this consumer electronic trend. Retail, restaurant, medical, hotel and trade show settings are all embracing the touchscreen revolution. Here are what I see as the top 5 reasons to deploy a tablet kiosk in your industry:


Tablet kiosks are a fraction of the cost of traditional kiosks. Businesses realize significant savings with traditional kiosks costing between $2,000 - $4,000, and tablet kiosks coming in at only $800 - $1,000. This cost savings is amplified when deploying multiple kiosks, dramatically reducing the capital outlay to start up a kiosk network, enabling all types of deployments that were just not viable business cases three years ago.


The flexibility of tablet kiosks allows them to be placed just about anywhere: securely mounted to a wall or counter, freestanding, or even setup for temporary use. Tablet kiosks fit in much smaller spaces than traditional kiosks, making them useful in situations a traditional kiosk just cannot go. Restaurant settings for tableside menu and beverage selection, shelf-edges for product selection, cramped retail aisles and inside trains and buses are all examples of places tablet kiosks have reached that the traditional kiosk could not.

Added accessories expand the tablet kiosk usefulness too; ID scanners for medical settings, card readers for self-check-in and purchases, keyboard mounts for simpler text entry and brochure holders for trade shows are but a few of the accessory options available from most tablet kiosk providers. Tablet kiosks can be used as permanent additions to a company's customer service collection or quickly set up for special events and promotions.


Their compact form-factor, built in battery and low power consumption make tablet kiosks the perfect choice for ad-hoc and mobile events without good access to conventional power outlets. They can run for hours from their own built-in batteries. Add an extended battery pack and they can run all day. This greatly enhances deployment flexibility in conventional locations as well. Previously placing a traditional kiosk into a queuing line was a difficult task to size and power requirements. With their compact size and no power outlet required you can now place a tablet kiosk right in your queuing system without any power cables creating a trip hazard.


The purchase price of traditional kiosks is only one portion of your deployment cost. You will also need to pay for a truck with a lift-gate to drop off the kiosk, a technician (or two!) to install it and if it goes down or breaks another technician to come out and diagnose or repair it. If that doesn't work, you'll pay for another lift-gate truck to come out and pick up the kiosk with the whole process potentially costing days or weeks of down-time and added expense. With a tablet kiosk it's usually just a simple replacement of the tablet itself that can be done by almost anyone ... provided the software is pre-loaded. If the tablet kiosk breaks or fails, pack it back in the box it came in and FedEx it back to the vendor. No truck needed.

Software- There really is an app for that

The greatest reason to deploy a tablet kiosk is the wide variety of platforms and applications available on these small and powerful computers. Businesses can leverage their customer facing apps or utilize the ever-growing number of special service kiosk apps on the market. Web 2.0 enables even more options for tablet kiosk use. Many rich content and web-based applications provide useful tools without the need for new dedicated native applications. Lead capture, loyalty cards, customer surveys, POS, inventory management, exhibit engagement ... the list is endless.

Touchscreen tablets are here to stay. Capture the power to engage more customers with these affordable and versatile tablet kiosks.

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